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Smith Wesson Magazine Catch

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Only 1 left in stock. Flat Dark Earth Magpul PMag. Phone Order Only. M Black Steel Magazine.

, and concealed carry-optimized Shield, they offer firearms for practically any purpose and durable factory. Smith & Wesson Magazine Floorplate Catch Assembly S&W 5903TSW, 5906TSW, 5943TSW, 4003, 4004, 410, 411, 59, 459, 559, 659, 5903, 5904, 5906, 5923, 5924, 5926, 5943. Guaranteed.

The mag catch is designed for both Full Sized and Compact versions of the M&P 9 and the M&P 40 Compact models of pistols from Smith & Wesson chambered in 9mm. SKU: WP-70 5791-7 Category: Pistol Parts.

Quick View. I have a 457 that needs a new mag catch. S&W 22 Victory Magazine. Any reason why a mag catch, mag catch nut, mag catch plunger and mag catch spring for a 4576.

Smith Wesson Magazine Catch


MAGAZINE CATCH Mfg: Smith & Wesson

Smith Wesson Magazine Catch Details

Smith Wesson Magazine Catch

Add to Cart. This mag catch is steel component housed in black polymer and is a factory original part from Smith & Wesson. Made in the U. SKU:405230000. I have read IIRC that some 457s that went to law enforcement had the mag catch updated to metal.

SMITH & WESSON 659 9 MM Magazine Catch, Magazine Catch Nut, Plunger, Spring $ 25. SMITH & WESSON - MAGAZINE CATCH NUT. Mfr Part: 239090000. Smith & Wesson M&P 15 22 Magazine Catch: Custom Lasered 15 22 Magazine Catch More Info Sort By: NDZ AR-15, 15-22 MAGAZINE CATCH IN CERAKOTE ZOMBIE GREEN List. 940-000-626WB Magazine Catch Nut. 40 S&W respectively. The buttplate catch is placed at the base of the magazine and retains the spring and buttplate. The Smith & Wesson M&p15 Magazine Catch Button5 is a quality addition to the Smith & Wesson lineup. Smith & Wesson M&P 9 40 Magazine Catch. Shield magazines are interchangeable, and there are odd cases like the Smith & Wesson SW99 magazine being compatible with the Walther P99, but you should always check. This catch is perfect for use in an emergency replacement stash and can be great to have in the spare parts chest. For more great deals on Gun Parts by Smith & Wesson, please browse our Smith & Wesson Gun Parts page.

From the new S&W Victory 22 to the competition-ready M&P C. Add to cart. The catch is designed for the M&P Shield 9 40 models of pistols from Smith & Wesson chambered in 9mm. The 457 has a catch, catch nut and a tornado type spring. SKU:194560000.

Smith Wesson Magazine Catch