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Champion Targets Easybird Auto-Feed Trap Thrower

Price: $670.99

Basically it just rotates the arm around and when you let off the. Caution: The Easybird Auto-Feed Trap must have ample clearance around the trap. Price reduced from $573. Fairly compact and portable at about 32 lbs, the Champion Workhorse throws clays up to 75 yards and runs off even a small 12 volt battery. Get 50% off the EasyBird Oscillating Base (40913) when you purchase the Easybird Auto-Feed 6-Packer Trap (40911) or Easybird Auto-Feed Doubles Trap (45322) Spend $70+ on , , or and get the Hoppes Metal Sign (HOMS) Get dialed-in on doubles thanks to the revolutionary design of the EasyBird Auto. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. This clay target thrower takes hand tossing targets to a new level. Champion Targets 40910. #2 Sep 16, 2016. The new EasyBird Auto-Feed Doubles trap is a revolutionary design that for the first time presents a specialised doubles trap to backyard shooters. EASYBIRD AUTO-FEED DOUBLES 12VDC Part No. No throwing plate to adjust as targets delivered directly to the throwing. Easybird Auto-Feed Trap.

The Champion EasyBird Auto-Feed Portable Clay Thrower is an affordable, portable 50-clay capacity trap that elevates your. This affordable and portable electric trap automatically. Can also throw single targets. CHAMPION TARGETS - EASYBIRD AUTO-FEED TRAP THROWER. 100 clay target capacity (standard 108mm or International 110mm clays). Champion EasyBird Auto-Feed Trap. It works fine for just plinking around. Limited Time Offer. EasyBird thrower. Shopping for the Easybird Auto-Feed Trap - Learn more about the latest All Products and other hunting or shooting gear at Champion Target. I bought one a couple of years ago. Has any of you fine gentleman own or have any experience with the Champion Easybird Target Thrower(Reliability, cycle time),any info would be appreciate.

Guaranteed. This affordable and portable electric trap automatically feeds from the 50-clay capacity magazine and makes target shooting a. Champion Target has plenty of useful add ons and attachments that are compatible with this trap thrower. It Can be paired with EasyBird Wobbler (45324) and EasyBird Oscillating Base (40913). Great value, field tested to 50,000 targets. Testing out the Champion Easybird Auto Feed Trap Thrower. No matter where you take your shooting sports, you can take this outstanding thrower with you. Thoroughly read instructions before installing or operating trap! 56 to $485. From the manufacturer. 2,420 Posts. You can adjust distance thrown but it there is no adjustment for angle on it. Save your arm and become a better shot with an affordable automatic trap that offers reliable, portable shooting practice wherever and whenever you want. Thanks for inquiring about the Easy-Bird Autofeed. Featuring a detachable double-stack magazine with 100 clay capacity and a 50-foot release cord with foot pedal control, the Auto-Feed Doubles trap reliably offers ATA single or double practice for league shooters and bird hunters.

As for a delay, it depends on when you let off the foot pedal. It runs off a 12 volt battery and has a foot pedal that tells it to throw a target. 100-046-081WB EasyBird Auto-Feed Trap Thrower. Champion Traps and Targets 40911 EasyBird Auto-Feed 6-Packer Trap 11. Champion Wheelybird Electronic Autofeed Trap ThrowerWe bought this Champion trap thrower from WM for just over $280. Easybird Autofeed - This EasyBird trap provides the designated thrower with all the tools they need. Instruction Manual C. Its fully adjustable for all sizes of sporting clays targets, from standard, midi, and mini to the mind-boggling rabbit. Champion Easy Clay Bird Thrower. February 13, 2021 by claymaster Leave a Comment. This auto-feed thrower could be my personal. Champion Traps and targets Trap Taxi Trap Upgrade - 40261 on sale and available from our online store.

Champion Targets Easybird Auto-Feed Trap Thrower


Lightweight and portable trap weighs approximately 45 lbs. and operates off deep-cycle battery Detachable 50-clay, single-stack magazine accepts standard 108mm or International 110mm clays Adjustable throwing range from 55 to 65 yards Comes with 50-foot release cord with pedal release and can be used with Trap Taxi (not included) Mfg: Champion Targets

Champion Targets Easybird Auto-feed Trap Thrower Details

Champion Targets Easybird Auto-Feed Trap Thrower

People also ask. Features of Champion EasyBird Auto-Feed Trap Portable Clay Thrower: On-Off-Safe Release switch provides safe method to uncock arm.

EASYBIRD AUTO-FEED TRAP B. ITEM DESCRIPTION A. Easybird Auto-Feed 6-Packer Trap with Oscillating Base. Mfr Part: 40910. The EasyBird trap makes easy for shooters to have lengthy practice session and fun with family and at the range. I myself did not have any available for testing and I am sure someday they each. 45322 Instruction Manual WARNING: THIS MACHINE CAN CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH! It operates off a standard deep cycle 12-volt. Adjustable to throw a ATA doubles presentation with a 100 clay target capacity (standard 108 mm or International 110mm clays). The EasyBird Auto-Feed trap offers a detachable 50-clay magazine, 1-second cycle time and 50-foot release cord with foot pedal for everyday use. I looked at some more expensive throwers before purchasing this one - I was thinking that a more. Champion Easy-Bird Autofeed Trap Awesome Machine. OpticsPlanet, Inc is an Authorized US Distributor for Champion Traps and targets targets. Champion Clay Pigeon Launcher Hunting Skeet Thrower Autofeed Shotgun EasyBird. Joined Jan 29, 2006. Its a pretty swee. : Champion Traps and Targets. The EasyBird Auto-Feed Doubles Trap is fairly easy to transport and store. Congratulations on the purchase of your new CHAMPION EASYBIRD AUTO-FEED trap.

This fits your. Can be used with Champion Trap Taxi (40261). Throws standard 108mm or International 110mm targets. More than 3,000 throws from a fully cha.

Works great and is loads of fun. Included Components: Trap Easybird Autofeed Doubles.

Easybird Autofeed - This EasyBird trap provides the designated thrower with all the tools they need to put consistent and challenging targets out for their shooter. Add to Cart. Champion EasyBird Auto-Feed Trap Review. EasyBird Doubles Trap Get dialed-in on doubles thanks to the revolutionary design of the EasyBird Auto-Feed Doubles trap.

Champion Targets Easybird Auto-Feed Trap Thrower